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A new inspiration

I haven’t been here long… but Prague has already left its indelible mark on me. It’s truly unlike any other place I’ve ever visited.

I don’t think there is a single spot in this city that fails to paint a surreal and endlessly rich and beautiful picture.

There are more songs and ideas flying around in my head than I’ve had in a long time! Prague seems to be a muse for me…


A few months back, I recorded a live album in Berlin at ‘Culture Container; a studio and live venue build inside an old shipping container.

I wanted the artwork to reflect my travels and experiences, particularly in Berlin. At the time, I had been busking a lot along the ‘East Side Gallery’. Even in the freezing cold, there’s an indescribable feeling to be playing beside works of art that represent freedom of oppression.

My friend Maks Frai; a humble and damn talented artist, painted this for me. The phrase 'a picture says a thousand words’ could not be any more relevant.



This is a video I recorded with some friends in Galway. It's from one of my favourite artists 'Eddie Vedder'. More youtube content to follow soon!



Sometimes it's easier to show you the what and where.

Here you'll find what I get up both in and out of the music world.

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