Everyone has a story. Mine is told through music.


In saying that, my writing style can be a little cryptic at times, so here’s the overview.


My sound has changed and developed many times over the last few years. I left Ireland in 2009 and lived in London. I gigged relentlessly and recorded my EP ‘Gone From Here’. Not long after that my hunger for new experiences took over and I left the UK. I sold all my stuff, packed a bag, grabbed my guitar case and I’ve been moving ever since: playing music wherever I can!


Gradually (and sometimes not so gradually!) I’ve been adding pages. The story of my life is told through a series of notepads in the most horrifically organised manner you’ll come across! Back to front, upside down, diagonal….


If I ever forget anything, it takes me an hour to find it!



What can I say; I’m a musician not an accountant!


03/06/16 Das Bach, Vienna

25/06/16 Herman Schulz, Berlin

26/06/16 Mauerpark


06/04/16 Culture Container, Berlin

05/05/16 The Blacksmith, Rome

11/05/16 Ohrwurm, Frankfurt

12/05/16 Street music, Berlin

13/05/16 Street music, Berlin

14/05/16 Bohemia, Prague

15/05/16 Mauerpark, Berlin

18/05/16 Tausend, Berlin

20/05/16 K1 restaurant, Prague

21/05/16 Bohemia, Prague

28/05/16 Braustube, Berlin (Marzahn)




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